minimum of 3 Person 600.00 PHP per person 
above 3 person 550.00 PHP per person
above 10 person 540.00 PHP per person

for 15 minutes

Boracay Flying Fish Tour Is a Boracay Water Sports Tour package and the ultimate in speed and exhilaration the Flying Fish is the newest water sports toy on the market!. Best of Boracay Water Sports choice for Flying Fish at Boracay Islands.

Two people sit either side of the fish and hold on tight as the aerodynamics of the beast allow it to 'fly' as it gathers speed behind the boat. Alternatively one person lies in the middle and looks on through the window as you take off.

This game is supported by all the equipment that meets international standards, because the safety and comfort is the main priority. For one round of this game lasts about 15 minutes. It is suitable for a family or with friends when on holiday to Boracay.

Flying fish Ask for Group rates

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