Bryan Sarol Lagan Globe 09177724969

Standard Group Room
Good for 4 to 6 Person
Air Conditioner Unit, Private Restroom , Hot and Cold Water, Overhead Shower, Flat TV, WIFI, 30 sq m Balcony, Ref
Room 20 and 22 sq m

Bryan Sarol Lagan Globe 09177724969

We are not Located at the Front Beach
Walking Distance D Mall 2 minutes White Beach 4 minutes Walking Distance back Beach 4 minutes exactly in the middle of Boracay

             Round trip Door to Door with fees (From Kalibo Int'l Airport to Boracay Hotel/Resort & Vice Versa)

                 Php1,000.00 per Head incl Terminal and Environmental Fees. 


Please be advised that you may now book your transportation services including  terminal environmental fees

Bryan Sarol Lagan Globe 09177724969

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